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Your wedding is one of the most important and special days in your life; this is why the film should be exceptional.

THE true WEDDING film

Hi Florida

I always like enjoy summer time in Chicago, but why not to have summer all year long?
YES Florida I movie in!

4-7min FILM + short Documentary Video + up to 50 images 
for only $999 (regular price $3500 )

Quality Guarantee:

I do my best to provide high-quality work and services for my clients and create beautiful films that they will enjoy. If for some reason you are not pleased with the final product, you will not be charged for my services!

My goal

I possess a variety of equipment, but I prefer to be minimalistic use only what I need. This allows me to be very discreet and capture people’s actions without being noticed, this gives natural, candid reactions, emotions and behaviors.

I focus on my work being detailed and clear.

My goal is to capture the natural flow of a wedding with no acting, poses, or pretending. Ideally, I would be invisible for the couple and other people around me. Being invisible gives me the possibility to play with composition and make the film more cinematic.

I am working behind the scenes – invisible

About service

You deserve to enjoy and relax on your big day, and by working with me, that will be the only requirement of receiving fantastic wedding film. I bring all energy and passion to ensure that all significant moments are captured and your personality shines all through your wedding. From the time you are getting ready, the intimate time of exchanging vows and the exuberant moments at the dance floor, I will be with you to ensure your wedding film is priceless


– Elegant

– Emotional

– up to 20min

– I am focused on capturing all the memorable moments on your wedding by finding the best shots that capture all the emotions in cinematic way.

4 – 5min  HIGHLIGHT FILM – Elegant
 -This option is for couple that likes to be drifted by artistic music combine in elegant and artistic film without speeches and ridings. 

5 – 7min  HIGHLIGHT FILM- Emotional
– This option contains part of reading, vows, and speeches that’ emphasize experience and give you better remembering on this special day.
up to 20min  FULL FILM
– Film make in STEP-BY-STEP way, showing best moments through whole wedding day with Highlights clips included. This option contains part of reading, vows, and speeches that’ emphasize experience and give you better remembering on this special day.

– Elegant


Add-on (not included in the package):

– Up to 100 THE BEST images taken through whole Wedding Day 

– We take the work and hassle out of “Raw Footage.” We edit together best clips we shot throughout your day into a single documentary style edit to help you see everything we shot. While this is a non-creative style edit. This edit is done in chronological order giving you a real-time feel. The ceremony, speeches, and first dances will be edited together beautifully with multiple cameras and high-quality audio.

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